Showroom Design

Showrooms are an integral part of your sales cycle. Your showroom expresses your strengths, but also your commitment to your customer, your services, and your products. e4 Design will provide a showroom environment that will allow you to flow through your products and strengths without skipping a beat.  Here are some tips to consider in your new showroom design and layout.  Transport your customer into your product or service world. What is your company’s tone or style?  Modern and sleek?  Fun and youthful?  If your product has a specific environment, consider bringing that environment into your showroom with graphics or displays. Have a focus.  The eye can only handle so much detail before becoming overwhelmed.  Keep sitelines clean from all angles, not just as you enter.  Keep it up to date.  As your products or services change and evolve, so must your showroom.  Keep it clean!  Ripped or stained carpet, furniture or walls relays a sense of disorder and chaos.  Not something you want to showcase to your customer!  Most of all, be creative with your showroom.  e4 Design is always finding innovative ways to add flair to merchandising areas.  Contact us to find out more about showroom design!

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