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Portable and Modular Trade Show Exhibits

Portable and Modular trade show displays are adaptable from show to show as either a sleek stand alone booth or as an enhancement to your larger booth space.  The large display offers a huge graphic presentation space, remarkable lighting options, and endless reconfigurations. These portable and modular exhibits keep the trade show professional in mind by offering an affordable, light-weight, and durable option that is easy to use even with a busy trade show schedule.

The determining factors behind all Trade Show Manager’s decisions vary from company to company. If your company’s decisions are based on cost and flexibility, modular trade show exhibit rentals are your best solution. Modular display systems have a sleek appearance and offer a high quality memorable impact without the inflated costs associated with other types of trade show exhibits. Modular displays and exhibit rentals are designed from an extensive selection of pre-designed, interchangeable parts. After a design is drawn up based on your needs, these parts are used to fabricate back walls, counters, pedestals, stands and display panels.

Benefits of Portable and Modular Trade Show Exhibits:

  • Light-weight and Packs Small for Easy Transport: The portable display packs small and is light-weight, increasing your ROI by lowering shipping costs.
  • Reduce shipping and handling costs to nearly 400%: By using lightweight materials to make the basic structure’s components we are able to achieve a significant reduction in costs. Aluminum, Plexiglas, and high quality tension fabrics are some of the materials e4 Design uses to fabricate our modular displays and exhibits. 
  • Perfect For Visual Enhancement: Switch graphics from show to show so that you can use it as a stand alone or as an enhancement to a large booth.
  • Modular display systems offer flexibility: You are able to reconfigure the design or size of your trade show booth from trade show to trade show while maintaining your original corporate branding and exhibit marketing strategy.
  • One Person Assembly: The portable system is designed for efficiency, needing only one person to set up the display.

Wish you had more flexibility with your current trade show exhibit? Want to reconfigure the design or size of your exhibit without losing your corporate branding or exhibit marketing strategy? Wish you could do this for multiple trade shows throughout the year? Learn more about e4 Design’s modular trade show exhibits and how they offer flexibility while being cost efficient. Call your exhibit consultant or visit our showroom just minutes from Atlanta, Georgia.