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Trends of the 2019 AHR Innovation Awards

Trends of the 2019 AHR Innovation Awards The AHR Expo Innovation Awards is an annual competition that honors the most inventive and original products, systems, and technologies showcased at each year’s AHR Expo. [...]

Does Size Matter?

Does Size Matter? Booth Space Demystified. 'Bigger is better' is not necessarily the truth when it comes to booth space. There is a psychology to selecting your 'workplace away from home'. It's hard not to [...]

IPPE 2019

Big Changes Ahead for IPPE 2019 In the world of poultry and meat industries, few events are as iconic and well attended as the IPPE. The 2019 International Production Processing Expo expects [...]

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Our Mission

Our mission is to utilize our creative expertise to produce and implement three-dimensional exhibits and interactive communication solutions that enable our clients to exceed their strategic marketing goals. We deliver peace of mind for all details, logistics, and deadlines so that our customers can relax and focus on what they know best. We strive to creatively collaborate with our customers to inspire and bring your vision to a design reality.

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Event Management Tools (EMT)

Our Event Management Tools (EMT) allow you to manage one show or 500 shows. EMT seamlessly integrates the exhibit planning and management process by tracking inventory, staffing, task management, budgeting, and reporting all in real time. This now enables anyone who has stake in making the show a success, more efficient, with less effort and more results.

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