Helping Kids Explore the World of Exhibit Design

Early in September we received a call from one of our clients, Victory World Church, asking for help in an unexpected area. The class was designing their own exhibits using the Engineering Design Process that is part of the STEM program.

The Engineering Design Process is a six stage process where the class asks, imagines, plans, creates, improves, and communicates. In the “Ask” phase, they visited the Children’s Museum and learned all about how exhibits use the five senses to interest and engage visitors.

They took this experience back to the classroom, where they imagined what story they wanted their exhibits to tell. Documenting this in a journal, they then formulated a plan to build the exhibit. Using these plans, they created exhibits out of cardboard boxes and found materials. Each exhibit showcased the five senses in their own unique way. Now in the improvement phase, they wanted help reviewing each exhibit.

Jennifer Rehonic, e4’s Director of Design, visited the class to help them out. She showed them creative booth ideas that used different ways to attract attendees using the five senses. They played with different booth materials, such as synthetic grass and water tiles, to get an idea of what goes into building a trade show exhibit.

After speaking to the class, Jennifer reviewed each exhibit; offering two successful elements and one area for improvement. After the review process, each student made the suggested improvements and communicated their final product.

We had a great time working with the teachers and class at Victory World Church and hope that we inspired a new class of exhibit designers!