e4 Design Provides:

  • Project Management & Creative Development
  • Complete Event Logistics
  • Exhibit Design & Production
  • Lighting & A/V Solutions
  • Graphic Design
  • Installation & Dismantling Labor
  • Onsite Supervision
  • Promotional Items

Conference Planning

Are you considering attending or even hosting a Conference?  While somewhat more formal than a trade show, they both are held for the purpose of discussing, promoting and sharing ideas.  A trade show conference should be educational, entertaining, and a great networking opportunity. Trade show conferences are so much more than an intriguing speaker or a day of rotating sessions. Leaders in their field are asked to speak at various Conferences over several days to like-minded individuals in order to influence industries or trends. Make sure you are as prepared as possible to make the best out of your experience.  Have a clear objective for your goals at the conference.  Create an agenda and plan to attend or host happy hours or meetings. Take advantage of any agenda builders that are offered before hand. Utilize any three-dimensional marketing tools like graphics, AV equipment, lighting and more to relay your message.  Make sure you have a plan for after you return home.  Measure your success and put into practice what you have learned. This is a perfect opportunity for you to share your experience with others in your industry.  Our team of experts are well versed in planning and coordinating the development and implementation of conferences. Contact the e4 Design team to see how we can help make your next conference a memorable and successful event.