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Event Management Tools

Our Event Management Tools (EMT) allow you to manage one show or 500 shows. It helps you keeps track of inventory, staffing, task management, budgeting and reporting all in real-time. EMT has taken a disjointed process managed with file folders and support staff and has provided an application that works to seamlessly integrate the exhibit planning and management process. This now enables anyone who has stake in making the show a success, more efficient, with less effort and more results.

By our estimates, three quarters of all event departments operate in decentralized bubbles that are far from streamlined, integrated or complete. Leveraging software or web based applications not only allows for a tactically easier way of overseeing the workflow, but also provides a holistic view of your company’s event marketing machines in a way that no paper report or excel spreadsheet could. Event Management Tools (EMT) from e4 Design delivers on-demand, 24/7 web-based event and project management technology for event and marketing managers and trade show professionals.

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