Museum Exhibition Design

Designing an exhibition for a museum or any educational facility requires a considerable amount of space planning and understanding of the materials to be exhibited.  It’s not always about creating a permanent structure, as many museum productions are ‘traveling’. The general goal is to create a space for the public to view and interact, regardless of where the collection or items are viewed or the museum venue. Museum exhibition design isn’t just about a space in a history or art museum.  Consider cutting-edge science centers, whimsical children’s museums and engaging zoo exhibits.  Aquariums and even exhibitions displayed in Airports all have special project narratives and objectives.   e4 Design brings subjects to life by utilizing proven design principles and state-of-the-art technologies. We believe in an open design process to ensure the most effective solutions from concept and design to fabrication and installation, all within your budget and time frame. Contact e4 Design today and get started with a museum exhibition design environment that connects and engages your subject with your focused audience.



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