Custom Lobby Design

First impressions!  Does your lobby and reception area make the cut?  Consider a custom lobby design for your corporate reception area or office entry.  What do you want to ‘say’ to your visitors without uttering a word?  Are you super modern?  Playful and relaxed? Historical and traditional?  The elements you choose to showcase in your lobby can speak volumes.  The type of furniture you use and overall appearance of the lobby can imply you are a modern company that is always on the cutting edge, sophisticated with a ‘customer first’ approach, dependable and structured.  Conversely, a messy lobby with old stained carpet and damaged walls can say ‘we are chaotic with a lack of attention to detail’.  Consider lighting.  Does your space have tons of natural light?  Do you need to illuminate a certain product or message in the reception area?  Is your reception desk inviting and of a suitable size for the space?  Is signage clear when you enter, that your visitor has come to the correct location? We employ many resources into our custom lobby design. We can assist with: dimensional graphics, multimedia presentation technology, custom fixtures, reception desk design and furniture. What does your corporate lobby say about your business? Contact e4 Design today for more information about Custom Lobby Design.

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