Conference Room Design

Conference room design is a very important part of any corporate office environment. Designing one isn’t as simple as it might seem!  The conference room is the space where a company hammers out the yearly budget, brainstorms the next million-dollar idea, establishes strategic partnerships, and keeps the company running smoothly. Don’t forget the importance of your ‘mobile’ conference room! That is, your private space in your booth where you can meet with clients, show private or semi-private presentations, and of course, welcome new business. Here are a few items to consider when planning the design of your new space.
Don’t forget the AV equipment with a screen appropriate for the size of the space.  A good rule of thumb is to keep the screen height three to six times the distance between back from and the screen.  Keep your AV equipment up to date, but don’t forget to keep your staff members up to date on how to use the technology!   Consider lighting in your technology considerations.  Flexibility to fit the mood of the message can elevate your presentation.   Storage is one of the most under considered element of Conference Room Design.  Plan for the typical storage items but also think of the unsightly items you will want to hide (think cording, noisy presentation machinery, etc).  While the table is usually the focal point of the room, with the incredible options available to create custom  inlays and designs, don’t overlook the chair!  Decide on a theme that matches your company and have fun.  Are you creative and whimsical?  Corporate and clean?
There are many solutions to creating a conference room design you will be proud to share with your customers and co-workers. Let e4 Design provide you with a conference room design that will increase productivity, creativity, and ensure open communication among your team. We utilize proven design principles and state-of-the-art technologies to provide you with the necessary tools to make your business successful. No job is too big or too small. Contact e4 Design today and discover how we can help improve your business with a new conference room design.

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