Benefits of e4 Design’s Airport Displays:

  • Airport Displays market to the exclusive audience of business and leisure travelers.
  • High exposure to ads: Americans are spending more time at the airport each time they travel providing longer periods of time to see ads.
  • Opportunity to reach recession-proof upscale consumers.
  • Helps drive consumers to local retailers
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Airport Displays

e4 Design’s airport displays are designed to welcome, educate, and entertain travelers from all over the world. Travelers generally have layovers or wait times before flights. Most commercial airline travelers spend up to two hours at the airport during a single trip, which means extra exposure for your message. This means a captive audience as people wander the airport.

Locate your display throughout terminals in arrival and departure areas, ticketing areas, baggage claim, gates, concourses and VIP lounges. Interior displays can be freestanding or wall-mounted throughout the airport.  Your marketing message has the potential to be viewed by 125+ million travelers a year! Consider brand exclusive Charging Stations at airports in high traffic areas.

e4 Design’s headquarters are located in Atlanta, GA, home to the world’s busiest airport. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport averages 243,000 passengers a day, making the execution of a display’s design, message, and location vital to a company’s image. e4 Design has over 20 years experience designing and fabricating displays for companies all over the United States. Contact us today and learn more about how e4 Design can assist with your advertising and display needs. e4 Design specializes in display options of all shapes and sizes from interactive kiosks to photographic wall murals.  Contact us for more information!