What are the Benefits of Renting Your Custom Trade Show Booth from e4 Design?

• National & International Locations
• Rent 10×10’s to Large Islands
• Budget for the Year
• No Storage
• No Insurance
• No Depreciation
• No Refurbishment Expenses
• Flexibility: Change Message
• Reconfigure: Change Size
• Greenest Way to Exhibit

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Custom Rental Booths

Are you interested in using a trade show exhibit rental for your next show, but worry about losing the customized features your current trade show booth offers? e4 Design, located in Atlanta, GA, offers custom rental exhibit booths and exhibit solutions including a wide variety of accessories, graphic design elements, and booth rental components used to design and create your perfect custom trade show exhibit. Learn more about how e4 Design’s custom rental options will change the way you view trade show rentals.

Did you know a custom trade show exhibit rental actually costs about one-third as much as purchasing an equivalent booth?
People often misconstrue the cost-effective benefits involved with renting exhibits to mean the sacrificing of customized booth elements. In reality, trade show booth rentals provide flexibility. Not only are rentals cost-effective, they provide the opportunity for you to get the latest exhibit design trends and customizations each year. The best part…you don’t have to acquire a new display each time!

What is the difference between our custom exhibit rentals and our other rental options?
While the same quality components are used to build each type of rental exhibit, our custom trade show exhibit rentals are specifically designed to fit your needs. Our Exhibit Design Consultants will work with you to customize your booth with any exhibit features you require: private conference rooms, storage, interactive kiosks or walls, a second story for a double deck exhibit, and more.
A word to the wise, for those of you new to renting trade show exhibits, many companies will attempt to force their rental kits to do more than it was originally designed to do. Resulting in a poorly constructed booth, strain on the frame system, tears in graphics, etc. You don’t want to be on the exhibition floor worried about your rental exhibit falling apart while you are trying to attract potential customers.
At e4 Design, we believe in providing our clients with the facts. We listen to your goals and explain the pros and cons of each option in order to reach the best solution to fit your needs. For over 20 years our goal has been to make our customer’s job easier in order to offer them peace of mind regarding their trade show program. Contact e4 Design today and let our Exhibit Design Consultants do the same for you and your program.