Break Room Design

Break rooms are an often overlooked feature of the workplace that can actually be counterproductive if designed poorly. Break Rooms by definition are a place to encourage a mental and physical break from the daily stresses of the workplace.  With just a few simple upgrades in design and furnishings, and an investment in some essential features, your employees will improve in productivity and mood.  Don’t forget the basics. Free coffee is simple and easy, but GOOD free coffee is essential.  Keep the coffee flowing and increase your workers focus and mental acuity.  Create a focus on a coffee and tea station to make your employees feel that they are ordering from a specialty house! Comfortable tables for eating are essential but did you know that they can also promote personal connections?  Make your break room stand out.  Allow your break room to be a fresh place to relax and embrace a change in scenery.  Consider games and other stress breakers like reading materials or music. Feature healthy food items as a perk! Finally, take requests from your employees.  What is their wish list of items that will make them relaxed and refreshed?  They’ll reward you with better work and greater satisfaction. We employ many resources into our custom break room design including dimensional graphics, custom fixtures, and furniture.  Let us help you design your next great space!

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