beMatrix Rental Exhibits

beMatrix Trade Show Exhibits

At e4 Design we understand that an effective trade show booth represents your brand through much more than a look, but through the feeling that the customer experiences and that then leaves a lasting impression. e4 Design’s team of talented designers, consultants, and production managers has been in the industry for over 25 years and can help enhance your booth to the next level with beMatrix. The Matrix System allows for reconfiguration and efficiency that will help bring your design vision into reality.

beMatrix is the smartest trade show exhibit system that you can work with today. The beMatrix system comprises of lightweight aluminum panels that can be arranged into any configuration. Not only can the system save you money with shipping, but it is extremely durable and can be reconfigured into any design.

Benefits of beMatrix Trade Show Booths:

• Reconfiguration Options to Refresh Your Booths Life: The same set of b62 panels can be configured in a multitude of settings. This means you can change the layout of your booth from show to show easily.

• Lightweight Panels Decrease Shipping Cost: The beMatrix panels are made of a light-weight aluminum. The weight of your exhibit is lighter than other structures and can increase your ROI by decreasing shipping costs.

• Graphic Versatility: If you decide to keep the same booth panel structure, you can easily change the graphic infills to instantly change the feel of your booth. Change the graphics or the type of the infill from fabric to hard paneling to instantly breath new life into your exhibit.