Attracting the Right Audience

Word of mouth is the number one reason attendees decide to attend new shows. Attendees want to hear about it from someone they trust in the industry. So is there a way to increase your target audience at show? Your current clients might be the answer.

Reach out to your best clients and ask their thoughts on the show. What did they like and dislike? Will they be attending this year? Is the show’s location close to you or your target market? Ask if they know anybody else in the industry who may be attending. Be sure to note this information or even better, ask for an introduction. Client referrals are a great way to open the door to new business.

Once you have a set list of clients attending and some potential referrals – set face-to-face meetings at the show! Pre-set meetings at shows are cost effective and can help speed up the sales cycle. However, pre-set meetings are not the only solution.

Here are some additional ways to make sure you attract your primary target audience:

Have a speaker at one of the educational sessions

This is a great way for your company to gain more exposure at the show. Having a subject matter expert speak at an educational session will not only help your company receive a brand lift by educating the industry and speaking on top trends, but also will give you access to more attendees that may not be attending the exhibits.

Display What You Do

How established is your brand in your industry? Do people recognize your company name and know instantly what you do? Think of brands like Nike or Apple – they need no explanation. If you are still establishing your brand in the market, you may want to display what you do higher than your company name.

Think of this from the attendee perspective. If they see a banner with “Company T” hanging from across the show floor. Unsure what “Company T” does, they don’t make it a priority to visit that booth. Unknowingly Company T sold exactly what they needed and missed out on a lead.  Now, imagine the same attendee sees a banner on the other side of the show floor that says “We Make It Easy to Print Quickly”. The attendee, looking for a new printing service, stops by that booth immediately. The lesson here: Don’t be afraid to display what you do!