5 Ways to Enhance Your Brand Through Booth Graphics

Graphics may seem simple when it comes to your overall trade show plan, but don’t let them take the back seat. Successful graphics will draw people’s attention from across the busy show floor, direct them to key messages, and leave a lasting impression. These 5 tips will help you get the most out of your display’s graphics.

1. Go big or go home. Your goal is to attract visitors from across a busy show hall. Attention spans are getting shorter and you have a brief 2 to 3 second opportunity of engagement.

2. Employ mid-level graphics that are set 6′ to 7′ above the floor. Design your message around one focal point and KEEP IT SIMPLE. Too much text is visually busy and will be ignored. Let your graphics do the hard work of inviting visitors into the booth and directing them within and allow your booth staff time to focus on conveying smaller details and converting leads.

3. Know your brand and target demographic. An athletic company marketing to a younger demographic should have a different look and feel than one targeting an older generation. Play into your brand and use graphics – colors, fonts, lighting, and images – which complement and enhance your message. Attention to detail will make you stand out above your competitors.

  • Colors – Use colors within your brand standards. Don’t use patterns that may be too busy and draw attention away from your message.
  • Fonts – Keep your fonts simple, use a maximum of 2, one for your taglines, and then another for your mid-level directional graphics. Avoid using novelty fonts. Bold, non-serif fonts are easiest to read from a distance.
  • Lighting – Lighting enhances graphics and draws attendees to the most important information. Key lighting, whether it’s overhead, accent, or backlit, helps engage the attendee and gives them directional cues within the booth.
  • Images – Use a brand-related image that visually tells your company’s story. Consider using fabric for a seamless look.

4. Dynamic graphics, like LEDs, are powerful and eye catching. They allow you to convey more information in a short period of time. Read more about successfully using dynamic graphics in your display here.

5. Preview your booth. Carefully check your renderings to make sure that monitors or shelving don’t cover up important information. Partner with an exhibit house that provides full previews before your booth ships so that you can approve or adjust the layout and graphics weeks before the show.